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- Pupil and Parent Support Groups -

AFASIC Overcoming Speech Impairments
Barnardo's Dr Barnardo's
British Dyslexia Association
British Epilepsy Association
Bullying Information for teachers and parents
Cafamily Contact-a- Down's Syndrome Association
Childrens Society  Children's Society, The
CLC Children's Legal Centre
Drugscope DrugScope education and prevention
Dyslexia Institute Information and advice on Dyslexia
Governor Reps Parent Governor Representatives
Internet Watch Internet Watch Foundation
IPSEA Independent Panel for Special Education Advice
Legal Aid Legal Aid, A Practical Guide to
LGO Local Government Ombudsman
ME ME Association provides info on ME
NCB National Childrens' Bureau
NCH NCH Action for Children
NCPTA National Confederation of Parent Teacher Ass.
NDCS National Deaf Children's Society
Parenting Forum Parenting Education / Support Forum
PIN Parents Information Network
RADAR Royal Association for Disability / Rehabilitation
RNIB Royal National Institute for the Blind
RNID Royal National Institute for the Deaf
Sick Children The Education of Sick Children
Youth Org is a virtual community for young people

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