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BSA Basic Skills Agency
Central Office of Information News from gov depts
DfES Circulars View/Download DfES circulars
DfES Governors  The DfES School Governors Centre
DfES Homepage All the latest  information/circulars
DfES SEN The DfES Special Educational Needs website
Education Reports Major reports relating to education
Employment Employment services
Government Statistics  View government statistics
HMSO All the latest education information/circulars
ISIS Independent Schools Information Service, ISIS
LEA A-Z List of all LEAs plus contact details
LGA Local Government Association
LSDA Learning and Skills Development Agency
NCER National Consortium for Exam Results
NGC The National Governors Council
NOF New Opportunities Fund news/information
Number 10 No. 10 Downing Street
OFSTED  Download OFSTED reports for schools / LEAs
UK Online - UK Government information service
QCA  View/download all the latest information from the QCA

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